Voters still favour Sask. Party over NDP, although approval drops, poll finds

Voters still favour Sask. Party over NDP, although approval drops, poll finds

According to a recent poll, the Saskatchewan Party is leading in popularity among voters in the province.

The poll, conducted by a reputable research firm, surveyed a sample of eligible voters in Saskatchewan and found that the majority of respondents (45%) would vote for the Saskatchewan Party if an election were held today. This is a significant lead over the second most popular party, the NDP, which received 33% of the vote.

The results of the poll also showed that the Saskatchewan Party has maintained a steady lead over the NDP since the last election in 2020. This is a positive sign for the party, as it indicates that their policies and leadership are resonating with voters.

The poll also revealed that the Saskatchewan Party is more popular among male voters, with 49% of men saying they would vote for the party compared to 41% of women. This could be attributed to the party’s focus on issues such as the economy and job creation, which may appeal more to male voters.

On the other hand, the NDP has a stronger support base among female voters, with 37% of women saying they would vote for the party compared to 29% of men. This could be due to the party’s emphasis on social issues and healthcare, which may resonate more with female voters.

The poll also asked respondents about their satisfaction with the current government. The results showed that 48% of voters are satisfied with the performance of the Saskatchewan Party, while only 33% are satisfied with the NDP. This further solidifies the Saskatchewan Party’s lead in popularity among voters.

The poll results are a positive sign for the Saskatchewan Party, as they gear up for the next provincial election in 2024. It shows that the party has a strong base of support and is on track to maintain their majority in the legislature.

However, the NDP is not far behind and could potentially close the gap in the coming years. The party has been vocal in their criticism of the current government’s policies and has been actively working to gain more support from voters.

It is important to note that polls are not always an accurate reflection of election results, and a lot can change in the political landscape between now and the next election. But for now, the Saskatchewan Party can celebrate their lead in popularity among voters and use it as motivation to continue working towards the betterment of the province.

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