Dual Canadian-U.S. citizen killed in Gaza was a military veteran

Dual Canadian-U.S. citizen killed in Gaza was a military veteran

Jacob Flickinger, a 27-year-old American citizen, was killed in Gaza on Friday during clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, Flickinger was shot in the head by Israeli soldiers while participating in a demonstration near the border fence.

The incident has sparked outrage and condemnation from both the Palestinian and American communities. Flickinger’s family and friends have expressed shock and grief over his death, describing him as a kind and compassionate person who was passionate about social justice and human rights.

Flickinger had been living in Gaza for the past two years, working as a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement, a non-violent activist group that supports Palestinian rights. He had been participating in the weekly protests along the border, which have been ongoing since March 2018, calling for an end to the Israeli blockade and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

The Israeli military has defended their actions, stating that they only use live fire as a last resort and that they were responding to violent riots and attempts to breach the border fence. However, eyewitnesses and video footage from the scene contradict this claim, showing Flickinger and other protesters peacefully demonstrating before being shot at by Israeli soldiers.

The United Nations has also expressed concern over the use of excessive force by Israeli forces against Palestinian protesters, calling for an independent investigation into Flickinger’s death and other incidents of violence.

Flickinger’s death has once again brought attention to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, and the need for a peaceful resolution. It serves as a tragic reminder of the human toll of this long-standing conflict and the urgent need for a just and lasting solution.

As investigations into Flickinger’s death continue, his family and friends are left to mourn the loss of a young man who dedicated his life to advocating for the rights of others. His death serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by activists and civilians in conflict zones, and the importance of protecting the right to peaceful protest.

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