School board’s literacy team earn national recognition

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The literacy team of two school boards in Ontario has recently received national recognition for their outstanding efforts in promoting literacy among students.

The team, consisting of educators from the Near North District School Board and the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board, was awarded the prestigious Literacy Award by the Canadian Education Association (CEA).

The CEA recognized the team’s innovative approach to promoting literacy, which includes a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at improving reading and writing skills among students.

One of the team’s most successful programs is the “Reading Buddies” initiative, where older students are paired with younger students to read together and foster a love for reading. This program has not only improved literacy skills, but also helped to build relationships and a sense of community within the schools.

The team also implemented a “Writing Workshop” program, where students are given the opportunity to practice their writing skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. This has resulted in a significant increase in writing proficiency among students.

In addition, the team has organized various literacy events and activities, such as book fairs and author visits, to engage students and promote a love for reading.

The CEA praised the team for their dedication and commitment to promoting literacy, stating that their efforts have had a positive impact on students’ academic success and overall well-being.

The literacy team’s success has also been recognized by the Ministry of Education, which has provided funding for their programs and initiatives.

The team’s achievement is a testament to the importance of promoting literacy in schools and the positive impact it can have on students’ lives. Congratulations to the literacy team of the Near North District School Board and the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board for their well-deserved national recognition.

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