Serial killer Robert Pickton attacked in Quebec prison

Serial killer Robert Pickton attacked in Quebec prison

Notorious Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton was reportedly attacked by a fellow inmate at the maximum-security Port-Cartier prison in Quebec on July 20th.

According to sources, Pickton was in the prison yard when he was approached by another inmate who proceeded to punch him in the face multiple times. The attack was quickly broken up by prison guards and Pickton was taken to the prison’s medical unit for treatment.

Pickton, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of six women, sustained minor injuries in the attack. The other inmate involved has been identified as 33-year-old Matthew Hines, who is also serving a life sentence for first-degree murder.

This is not the first time Pickton has been targeted by fellow inmates. In 2013, he was stabbed by another inmate at the Kent Institution in Agassiz, British Columbia. He also faced an attempted murder charge in 2016 after an inmate tried to kill him at the Port-Cartier prison.

Pickton’s lawyer, Marilyn Sandford, stated that her client is “doing okay” after the recent attack and that he is “used to being in prison and dealing with difficult situations.”

The Correctional Service of Canada has launched an investigation into the incident and has placed both Pickton and Hines in segregation as a precautionary measure.

Pickton, also known as the “Pig Farmer Killer,” was arrested in 2002 and was convicted in 2007 for the murders of six women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He was also charged with the murders of 20 other women, but those charges were stayed in 2010.

The families of Pickton’s victims have expressed mixed reactions to the news of the attack. Some have stated that they do not condone violence, while others have expressed satisfaction that Pickton is facing consequences for his actions.

The attack on Pickton has once again brought attention to the safety and security of inmates in Canadian prisons. The Union of Canadian Correctional Officers has raised concerns about the increasing violence in prisons and the lack of resources to address it.

As Pickton continues to serve his sentence, it remains to be seen if he will face any further attacks from fellow inmates. The Correctional Service of Canada has stated that they will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of all inmates in their custody.

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