‘He was laying on the ground’: Regina resident reports hearing gunshots during police operation on Garry Street

'He was laying on the ground': Regina resident reports hearing gunshots during police operation on Garry Street

A Regina resident reported hearing gunshots during a police operation on Garry Street. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, and the resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the scene as chaotic and frightening.

According to the resident, they were inside their home when they heard multiple gunshots. They immediately went to their window and saw a man lying on the ground, surrounded by police officers. The resident stated that they could hear the man yelling and pleading with the officers.

The police operation took place on the 100 block of Garry Street, and the area was quickly cordoned off by authorities. The resident reported seeing several police vehicles and officers with their weapons drawn.

The Regina Police Service has confirmed that they were responding to a call regarding a man with a firearm. The man was taken into custody without incident, and no injuries were reported.

The resident expressed their concern for the safety of their neighborhood, stating that they have never witnessed such a dramatic police operation in their area before. They also mentioned that they were relieved that the situation was resolved peacefully.

The Regina Police Service has not released any further details about the incident at this time. They have stated that the investigation is ongoing, and they are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Residents in the area are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the police. The safety of the community is of utmost importance, and incidents like this serve as a reminder to always be aware of our surroundings.

As the investigation continues, the Regina Police Service will provide updates as they become available. In the meantime, the community is encouraged to stay calm and cooperate with authorities to ensure a swift and safe resolution.

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